ICNA Relief Canada Thorncliffe Food Bank Donation

Two members of our Club have been working behind the scenes to complete another successful East York Kiwanis Project.

Our President’s cottage neighbour loves to grow vegetables.  He tends to produce more than he needs.  Last week he gave David several zucchinis which Pat delivered to the Thorncliffe Food Bank.  The zucchinis were greatly appreciated.

Dave was given a second donation consisting of a variety of other vegetables.  Once again Pat made a delivery to the Food Bank. These too were greatly appreciated. 

David contacted another farm in cottage country.  They too were willing to donate produce for use at the food bank. On August 23rd, the Food Bank Co-Ordinator, Zeeshan, was pleased to receive a donation of fresh corn, beets, yellow beans, and tomatoes.

Many thanks to Pat and David for their effort and commitment to serving the needs of the community.