Supporting the Kiwanis Club of Castries Project

Leslie Serieux was contacted by his old club in St. Lucia.  They wondered if our club could help them acquire some non-perishable lunch items for underprivileged primary school children. Leslie emailed this request to his fellow club members and things began to happen.

Dave Barker was able to source some suitable insulated lunch bags and add the “Kiwanis of Greater Toronto” logo to the front of them. The Board agreed to the purchase of suitable lunch items and several members made private donations.  Staples at Victoria Park donated $150.00 worth of school supplies to add to the gift. All in all, this came together quickly.

Leslie investigated the cost of shipping the items to St Lucia. What he found surprised him! It was almost the same price to ship the items as it was for him to go down there for a week’s holiday.  Now being a practical man, it was not hard for him to decide what to do. He packed everything into a big suitcase and surprised his family and friends by showing up in person to deliver everything.


Leslie was able to deliver 42 insulated lunch bags which the Castries Club was thrilled to receive. This was an “awesome” project for the Kiwanis Club of East York.