Holiday Treats.

Welcome to our Online Ordering Page

We have wrapped up our Holiday Treats program with a special Donation to:
The Salvation Army Broadview Village ** Christmas Dinner Program **
– Light Fruitcake & Twin Light Fruitcakes

For further information, please email:

This picture show us in DEC 2019 at Michael Garron Hospital, inside the hospital lobby. How things have changed!
Yes, COVID-19 has forced us to be creative, but we still need funds to support our community partners.

Since 1943, The Kiwanis Club of East York has supported our community needs, in particular our children, who are among the most vulnerable

The proceeds of our annual Holiday Treats Sale has helped provide funds for many organizations such as :

  • The Michael Garron Hospital (formerly East York General)
  • Salvation Army Broadview Home
  • Local youth sports teams (East York Soccer + East York Baseball)
  • GobalMedic – Disaster Relief
  • Kiwanis Music Festival
  • Valley Park Go Green Cricket Field
  • Local Food Banks & Sustainable Food Initiatives
  • True Davidson Acres
  • Speech & Stuttering Association
  • High School Youth ‘Key Clubs’ and Scholarships
  • Interval House Women’s Shelter
  • Kiwanis Outdoor Swimming Pool

Thanks to your kindness, and support of our Kiwanis Club, we shall continue to work tirelessly in our community of East York

You can also download a PDF version of the Order Form that can be used for a traditional ordering process.

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